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Our restored Georgian kitchen has probably undergone the greatest change since the restoration of the building, having been returned to how it would have looked in the 18th century after being a working kitchen for most of the house’s life. The main kitchen would have been where most of the food eaten in the Mansion House was prepared. The pantry stores were used to keep meat, dairy and other foodstuffs until they were prepared. Through a locked door to the far left of the pantries was the entrance to the Lord Mayor’s wine cellar.


This is still a kitchen in use, as Mansion House stewards provide cooking demonstrations twice a day when the house is open to the public, using authentic recipes, ingredients and tools. In this section, explore incredible Georgian cooking equipment, discover extravagant feasts, and make your own delicious 18th century dish.

What will you discover?

Feasts and Banquets

Tools of the Trade: Kitchen Equipment

The Mansion House Recipe Book